New Superflex Pen – to use with all Aussie Clays including the Origami Flex Clays


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The New SuperFlex 2 Pen is a creation unique to Aussie Metal Clay. This is the New Superflex which should be used with the ORIGAMI FLEX CLAY.

The SuperFlex pen consists of a concentrated formula which contains enough Liquid to mix with (BONUS!) 8+ x 50gram packets of Aussie Metal Clay powder or clay, more if you are using the SuperFlex Pen to create Clay Sheets. This gives you the freedom of creating your clay the way you want, at any time you like.

Aussie Metal Clay is renowned for its long working time on the bench, smooth texture and flexibility. The unique recipe of this Aussie Clays actually supports the SuperFlex formulation to encourage the flexibility you gain from the combination of the products and sets this Clay apart. By adding in this unique SuperFlex liquid at the point of mixing, the flexible traits extend to its dry form. SuperFlex liquid is not limited to be added to powder clay, it can also be added to already made clay or clay in lump form, you may just need to allow it to dry a little as the clay absorbs the additional liquid into its consistency.

The SuperFlex liquid is the component that gives your clays a durability that enables additional give and when you carve straight into dried clay it resists the issues of breakage which is also similar when you create flat sheets of clay, that once dried can be cut, textured, bent and rolled with the likeness and ease of crafting card that makes for endless possibilities and you can use a Cricut, Silhouette, Brother or other cutting machines, dies, punches and decorative or fancy scissors to bring your designs and digital designs to life.


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