Gold Bronze PREMIUM CLAY 50g


Properties of Aussie Metal Clay:

  • Comes in lump form
  • Gives long working time
  • Hard to break in green stage
  • Drys at low temperatures
  • Takes textures well
  • Silky feel and rolls out like a dream
  • Clay is very forgiving
  • Easy to rehydrate
  • Stays flexible in their natural state without the need for additional products
  • Able to be sculpted
  • Easy to clean
  • Can fire with embedded CZs
  • Can create a final piece with a high shine, like a mirror finish
  • Flexible in standard and premium formula
  • Super Flexible in new Super Flex formula

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Firing Properties

  • For kiln firing only
  • Can be fired in both the brick and the muffle kilns
  • Base metals fire in activated Coconut Carbon
  • Fire multiple colours at the same temperature

Clay Types

  • Clay options: Premium
  • Clay type: Bronze

Firing Schedule

MEDIUM FIRE Suitable for Firing ~ Aussie Desert Sun, Aussie Ruby Bronze, Aussie Gold Bronze, Aussie Antarctic Sand, Aussie Antarctic Moonlight & Aussie Ironbark

Aussie Metal Clays require to be fired in a Kiln using Activated Coconut carbon and the firing schedules have 2 parts.
Please remember this firing schedule is based on starting with a cold kiln. The thickness of the piece is also something you have to consider. If a piece is any thicker than 6mm you may need to add extra firing time.

Rehydrating Aussie Metal Clay – Make sure you use DISTILLED or DEMINERALISED WATER as it hydrates the clay better than ordinary water. Keep any moist clay in a sealed container so it doesn’t dry out.

1st Stage Fire:

Full ramp 995°C / 1823°F to reach 350°C/662°F and hold for 15 minutes for up to 8 cards, and 30 minutes for over 8 cards. Let cool to below 200°C / 392°F or lower before continuing to 2nd stage.

2nd Stage Fire:

See instructions inside the packet for this specific

Do test pieces first to see correct temperature for your kiln. Aussie Metal Clay suggests testing for the correct temperatures in your kiln for each colour of clay by starting at the lowest temperature (above) and working up in increments of approximately 5°C / 8°F each firing until you reach a perfect sintering temperature of your kiln. Your Kiln temperature may need to be modified to suit – not all Kilns fire the same. Remove your pieces from the activated coconut once cool and your pieces are ready to brass brush, tumble & polish.

Shrinkage: Between 12 & 15%

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Base Metal Weighting

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