Copper 100g PREMIUM CLAY


Properties of Aussie Metal Clay:

  • Comes in lump form
  • Gives long working time
  • Hard to break in green stage
  • Drys at low temperatures
  • Takes textures well
  • Silky feel and rolls out like a dream
  • Clay is very forgiving
  • Easy to rehydrate
  • Stays flexible in their natural state without the need for additional products
  • Able to be sculpted
  • Easy to clean
  • Can fire with embedded CZs
  • Can create a final piece with a high shine, like a mirror finish
  • Flexible in standard and premium formula
  • Super Flexible by adding a few drops with the Superflex pen.

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Firing Properties

  • For kiln firing only
  • Base metals fire in activated Coconut Carbon

Clay Types

  • Premium Clay
  • Clay type: Copper

Firing Schedule

HIGH FIRE Suitable for Firing ~ AUSSIE COPPER

Aussie Metal Clays require to be fired in a Kiln using Activated Coconut carbon and the firing schedules have 2 parts.
Please remember this firing schedule is based on starting with a cold kiln. The thickness of the piece is also something you have to consider. If a piece is any thicker than 6mm you may need to add extra firing time.

Rehydrating Aussie Metal Clay – Make sure you use DISTILLED or DEMINERALISED WATER as it hydrates the clay better than ordinary water. Keep any moist clay in a sealed container so it doesn’t dry out.

1st Stage Fire:

Set pieces on a bed of activated coconut carbon at a depth of approx. 15-18mm under pieces. For a complete burnout of organic binder follow the instructions inside the packet. Let cool.

2nd Stage Fire:

See instructions inside the packet for this specific clay.

Do Test Pieces First To See Correct Temperature For Your Kiln. Your Kiln temperature may need to be modified to suit – not all Kilns fire the same. Remove your pieces from the activated coconut once cool and your pieces are ready to brass brush, tumble & polish.

Shrinkage: Between 12 & 15%


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