.999 Fine Silver 50g SF CLAY


Properties of Aussie Metal Clay:

  • Comes in lump form
  • Clay is not sticky – so it keeps your hands clean
  • Gives long working time
  • Hard to break in green stage
  • Drys at low temperatures
  • Takes textures well
  • Silky feel and rolls out like a dream
  • Clay is very forgiving
  • Easy to rehydrate
  • Stays flexible in their natural state without the need for additional products
  • Able to be sculpted
  • Easy to clean
  • Can fire with embedded CZs
  • Can create a final piece with a high shine, like a mirror finish
  • Flexible in standard and premium formula
  • Super Flexible in new Super Flex formula

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Silver clays come in lump/clay form. If you consider that the clay is a little dry you can add distilled or demineralised water to refresh the clay’s consistency. In addition to this you can also use Kim’s Clay Spray, which is a metal clay hydrator.

Dry Clays On low heat

Suggested firing temperature in kiln or on open shelf

On 1″ kiln blanket
Ramp at speed 4 or 900C/1652F
To hold a temperature of 910C/1670F for 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the size and thickness of your piece.

Torch Instructions

On a kiln shelf or blanket, warm up the piece by moving the torch flame around the piece slowly, allowing the piece to heat up. First you will see a little smoke as the binder burns out then a little flame. Place your flame onto piece in a circular motion bringing it to a nice pick colour and continue for 12-15 minutes. If it starts to become shiny pull your torch away a little as this is the sign of melting. Once cool then ready to brush with brass brush and burnish/polish.

Shrinkage: Approximately 10%


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